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More About Me


I’m Heidi Schaap, Boston Cross Check Instructor-in-Training.

I teach women and couples the Boston Cross Check Method to confidently understand and manage their fertility in a way that is flexible, evidence-based, effective,

and in harmony with Church teaching.

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Why Use an Instructor?

Choosing a method of natural family planning is an investment in knowledge and skills which will last all of your fertile years. By working with a trained instructor, you get personalized support and better efficacy with your chosen method.

Because I am in the practicum stage of my training, you get the added benefit of another master instructor attending your sessions with me.

Boston Cross Check uses a standardized fee system in order to be transparent and ensure that all clients receive the same pricing, regardless of which instructor they choose. Most program fees can be split into payments. If you have concerns about being able to afford program fees or ongoing support, please let me know and we will try to assist you!

Why Do I Do This?

I've always believed children were a blessing, but there were many times my body did NOT get the break it needed between pregnancies.
For years we were trying to navigate using a Fertility Awareness Method with no coach and no formal training. I was literally using a book I found at a garage sale to plan our entire family’s future. My OB had unhelpful advice as well: He said, “Well, if you won’t use birth control, we’ll see you in a year or so.” And infuriatingly, he was nearly always right.
Don’t get me wrong: my children are amazing and they have blessed me more than I can say…but I really could have used help managing my fertility in a way that was better for my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
After a very traumatic birth in 2018 - I was told I simply should not get pregnant again. We wanted to stay obedient to Church teaching, so what to do? That’s when I discovered Boston Cross Check. Being guided by a master instructor was a literal lifesaver for me.
Finally understanding my own fertility didn’t just help me postpone another pregnancy; it helped me understand my whole body health. It strengthened my marriage. It brought me peace.
That's when I saw it: I have experienced infertility, pregnancy loss and multiple miscarriages, difficult pregnancies, PCOS, postpartum trials and years of charting while breastfeeding, and now peri-menopause... AND I have learned this amazing evidence-based way to help me manage it all.
I am passionate about teaching this method to other women and couples.

I would be honored if you would you let me walk
with you on your fertility journey. ♡
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