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Equipment, Tech, & Knowledge

Always check with your instructor to determine
your protocol before purchasing equipment!

I am an Amazon affiliate, and may receive a small percentage of each eligible purchase when you use the links below, with no extra cost to you. Items may be listed on Amazon, but are also available through some other retailers such as eBay, Walmart, Target, or directly from the companies (Tempdrop, Proov, etc.)

Supplies you may need
for the Boston Cross Check Method

ClearBlue Fertility Monitor

Monitor Tests for Estrogen and
Luteinizing Hormone

ClearBlue Fertility Monitor Test Sticks

Test Sticks for ClearBlue Fertility Monitor (purchased separately)

Tempdrop Thermometer

A wearable, bluetooth-syncable basal body thermometer

Easy@Home Digital Basal Thermometer

A Basal Body Thermometer with Blue Backlight LCD Display, 1/100th° with Memory Recall; NOT Bluetooth Enabled

Read Your Body App
for iOS or Android

The only charting app proudly recommended by Boston Cross Check. As your instructor, I am able to provide you with three months of free access. Contact me for more details!

Wondfo Ovulation Test Strips

At Home Luteinizing Hormone Testing

Proov Confirm Tests

At Home Progesterone Hormone Testing

Wondfo Early Result Pregnancy Test 

Inexpensive At Home
hCG/Pregnancy Testing
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